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A group of lovely Carolina Girls.. you know we're the best in the world!

Carolina Girls, Best in the World

Welcome :: ``
Welcome to the Carolina Girls Community. This community is here for all of those girls, ladies, gals, women, females (whichever you prefer to be called) from the Southern states of North and South Carolina. So, join if you wish to participate in lively disscussions, meet new people, and have some fun!

Basics :: ``
1. You must be a female.
2. You must have either lived in the Carolinas, or live there now.
3. You must put a 'Carolina Girls' sign up on your user info.
4. Be considerate of others' feelings.
5. No rude comments, harrassing, or just being bitchy.
6. If anyone posts graphics related to the Carolinas, and the file size is big, use a LJ-Cut.
7. If anyone posts graphics for adoption, i.e. icons, credit the maker.

Introductions :: ``
When introducing yourself to the community please add the following information in there somewhere.

// Name
// Age
// Location (City and State)
// Why you joined.
// What you wish to get out of this community.

Simple enough I think. It's just something to help people get to know you better. :)


The Extras

original profile codes
info header by tangles.